Flavours and Tradition

With its traditional aromas and flavours, accompanied by our wines of selected grape varieties, convent sweets, cheeses and honey, the cuisine of Arraiolos and Alentejo is something you’ll want to get to know.
With recognised quality and being comprehensive in various aspects of Arraiolos and Alentejo cooking, our cuisine is strongly marked by a Mediterranean influence, where olive oil, bread and wine are practically omnipresent ingredients.
Assuming its socio-cultural and economic importance, the cuisine is an integral part of the quality tourist experience that Arraiolos wants to provide you with.
The “Pork”, “Lamb”, “Veal”, “Alentejo Soups”, “Açordas” and “Migas” dishes highlight the diversity of our cuisine, linked to the rural world, preserved with all its cultural significance, contributing to the development and promotion of the rich historical heritage of our municipality and enhancing our tourism capacity.

 Empada de Arraiolos ®

The “Empada de Arraiolos®” brand and the use of the trademark integrate into their purpose the intent to promote this wholesome product of Arraiolos cuisine, with emphasis on the appreciation of local traditions and products in the municipality of Arraiolos.
We have heard various stories of the “Empada de Arraiolos” for many years, we know that in the square, Praça Lima e Brito “…was Maria Joana do Café who had a door open to the public to sell pies…”

Enjoyed and sought after for its fame, the “Empada de Arraiolos” deserves, like other high-quality local products, to have its historical and cultural aspects promoted, but above all, to be recognised for its contribution to the development and stimulation of the local economy. 

Arraiolos Bacon Pastries

The bacon pastries are one of the most popular Arraiolos treats.
The famous “Pasteis de Toucinho”, a speciality of Arraiolos confectionery, arousing curiosity because of the inclusion of bacon in the recipe, are a delight sought after by those who visit us.

Arraiolos Confectionery and Convent Sweets
Convent sweets, characterised by the use of sugar and egg yolks, have a long history and tradition in Arraiolos.
Other sweets with history and tradition within the municipality are the “Nogados”, similar to peanut brittle, and the “Cavacas de Vimieiro”.