Local Commerce and Traditional Products

Given the importance of traditional commerce, as well as the determination of the Arraiolos Town Council to contribute to the development of the municipality, initiatives to boost this sector were extended to all localities. The existing local commerce deserves the full attention of the Council given its contribution to the economy of the municipality. Interventions in the Historic Centre of Arraiolos and in urban centres permit the enjoyment of a rehabilitated public space favourable to this activity.

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Convent sweets and other local products:

Soparlim- Soc. Panificadora Arraiolense, Lda
Convent bread and sweets

Ferragial do Touro, Estrada Nacional 4


O Toucinho
Bacon Pastries and Convent Sweets

Largo 25 de Abril, 4

Confeitaria Galhardo

Production of Cavacas Pastries in Vimieiro

Rua Luís de Camões
7040-660 Vimieiro

Moinho de Pisões
Acorn Candy with Chocolate and Holm Oak Acorn Flour.
7040- 130, Arraiolos
Tel.: (+351) 919 588 958
Email: moinho@moinhodepisoes.pt
Website: http://www.moinhodepisoes.pt/

The “Empada de Arraiolos”, or the “Arraiolos Pie”, exhibits an intimate relationship with the Cuisine of Alentejo in its preparation. Traces of a connection to the land and to the rural life of Alentejo itself. This age-old knowledge involving traditional flavours in parsley and marjoram, to name but a few of the aromatic herbs that fill our dishes with pleasant aromas, has been transmitted in various ways.
The Municipality of Arraiolos has registered the brand “Empada de Arraiolos ®” with the National Industrial Property Institute of Portugal, being its legitimate and sole proprietor, providing the municipality with a new instrument for promoting this product, endowing it with distinction.

Pie Producers:

Snack-Bar Teresa Alves
R. 5 de Outubro, 4
7040 – 028 Arraiolos
Contact: (+351) 266 499 159 / (+351) 968 023 859

Guilhermino Machado
R. Nova no. 24
7040-541 S. Pedro da Gafanhoeira
Contact: (+351) 266 497 289 / (+351) 266 497 348

Sabores de Arraiolos
Rua da Matriz, 9
7040-038 Arraiolos
Contact: (+351) 266 497 005 / (+351) 964 627 294

Restaurante Snack-Bar O Parque
Estrada Nacional 4 – Km 94
Tel.: (+351) 266 499 034

Cheese Shops:

Monte da Vinha Cheese Shop
Small Industrial Workshop Estate lot 1
7040-603 Vimieiro

Herdade da Amendoeira
Santana do Campo
7040-130 Arraiolos
935 764 609