Nature and Green Spaces

Ramal de Mora Eco-Trail:

  • It begins between Monte da Torre and Sempre Noiva, on the edge of the municipality of Arraiolos with Évora at km 137.404;

  • The entire trail passes through the rural environment, integrated into the Alentejo plain;

  • It ends at the defunct station of Vale de Paio at km 148.244;

  • This route has a length of 10.9 kilometres;

  • It is characterised by having been the result of a partnership between REFER and the Local Authorities to convert the former Railway Route into a pathway intended for pedestrians and bicycle traffic. It is a cycle path shared with pedestrians where horse riding is also allowed;

  • Nowadays, this route passes partly through the Municipality, connecting the Évora route, in Sempre Noiva, to Vale de Paio, for about 11 kilometres of the 18 that formed the old railway line in the municipality of Arraiolos;

  • Points of interest along the way include the Divor reservoir (where the route starts) and it also crosses the Divor and Cabido streams before reaching Vale de Paio. In addition to the Arraiolos rugs, we also have the Pousada de Nossa Senhora da Assunção, the Castle, the Churches of Matriz and Misericórdia, the Pillory and the entire historic centre of Arraiolos;

  • The paving is made of consolidated gravel. In addition to the information panels, there are also vertical signs specifically marking the Eco-Trail;

  • As for its slope, the terrain descends slightly towards Vale de Paio, however, if we are talking about the former railway route, the slope is little more than 1% over its entire length. It is of medium difficulty.

Points and Hills:

  • In a hue of relief points resulting from fragile deformation, escarpments, ditches and plateaus. Between the flatness of Sempre Noiva and the hills of Arraiolos (the plateaus of Oleira and Mouzinho), there is rich flora and fauna, which extends into a spot of colour dotted with varied lithologies.

  • A setting in which a geometrical fringe of morphological accidents delimits a path through a playful carpet of biological diversity, which invites its discovery and enjoyment.

Divor Dam:

  • Leisure Activities – Sport fishing and water sports (non-motorised).